Thank you for this quick answer.

I already tried that solution but it override all the header content (sort icon, css display, etc.) this is why I was wondering if there is a way to just add a tooltip without recreating the header.

For instance, when I put this :

<template v-slot:header="props"> <q-tr name="headword" :props="props.colMaps['headword']"> <q-th :props="props"> {{props.colMaps['headword'].label}} <q-tooltip>hey tooltip!</q-tooltip> </q-th> </q-tr> </template>

Considering this data from the props :

"colsMap": { "headword": { "name": "headword", "label": "Headword", "sortable": true, "field": "headword", "align": "right", "__iconClass": "q-table__sort-icon q-table__sort-icon--right", "__thClass": "text-right sortable", "__tdClass": "text-right" }, ...

I get nothing in my header. A blank one and no error message. Maybe there is something I really did not get and misunderstood.

Thank you for your help.