@njsteele That’s just a rule of ‘simultaneous growth’ I think 🙂

For example, the projects which are huge already cannot harness all the new cool technologies/libraries/frameworks in the world right away because that’s expensive for their scale (just imagine that they have to redo all related internal and external functionalities, documentation, marketing and anything else what is related) and risky (there is a high probability of fault or incompatible technology, as every bit of related software they use needs to have 100% compatibility, or public will just smash them with the bad news/reviews/articles/etc. which leads to unhappy investors).
So, that is why big projects do not usually jump on such great tools like Quasar.

On the other hand, ambitious projects which have started using Quasar as a platform are yet quite small and just have not gained the popularity over the world. Taking into the account the age of Quasar, there was just not enough time for these project to ‘shine’ globally.
Seriously, how many projects do you know becoming worldwide famous just within two years? 🙂

But you can always check this page out: https://github.com/quasarframework/quasar-awesome which has quite a few projects written with using Quasar (partially or fully).

That page has our project we do https://www.coloban.com, but I’ve not seen life.io there. Maybe that’s a good idea for you to update that list with your awesome apps?

Happy to chat about that, as always!