I am newly using quasar-cli (switching from vue-cli).

and I have not written any jsx. but I think some of my imports use jsx, as I’m getting this error

error in ./node_modules/expo-notifications/build/NotificationPermissions.js Module parse failed: Unexpected token (13:46) File was processed with these loaders: * ./node_modules/@quasar/app/lib/webpack/loader.transform-quasar-imports.js You may need an additional loader to handle the result of these loaders. | throw new UnavailabilityError('Notifications', 'requestPermissionsAsync'); | } > const requestedPermissions = permissions ?? { | ios: { | allowAlert: true,

I do not understand what I need to add to my project to make it work. I tried making my babel.config.js to the exact same thing as my vue-cli app. Same error.
The vue-cli uses a metro config/bundler, I’m wondering if I need that? Overall I am very lost.

(Apologies if isn’t related, but I feel a bit embarrassed making a dedicated thread to my issue, when it’s probably my complete ignorance of JS transpiling and packaging landscape, and not really a quasar-specific problem)