QInnerLoading inside DataTable component

  • I have a DataTable that loads some data from IndexedDB when I go to its route. My problem is that every time I enter the route the noData message from the DataTable is displayed(pretty damn fast). So I’ve tried to do this:

          <template @click="t" slot="col-weight" scope="cell">
            <span class="light-paragraph">{{ cell.data }}</span>
          <template slot="col-weighingDate" scope="cell">
             <span class="light-paragraph">{{ formatDate(cell.data) }}</span>
          <template slot="selection" scope="selection">
             <q-btn flat invert @click="remove(selection)">
               <q-icon name="delete" />
           <q-inner-loading :visible="isLoading">
              <q-spinner size="50px" color="primary" />

    I have isLoading = true on the date () and I set it to false after the data is fetched from the indexedDB.

    So the <q-inner-loading> doesn’t appear when inside the DataTable component but it DOES outside.

    Does anyone knows if it suppose no to work on this specific component?

    Best regards,

  • Same issue here. Will this be fixed in the upcoming revamp of the datatable in V0.15?

  • Admin

    Yes. v0.15 will have all these sorted out.

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