"quasar build" never ends...

  • I am having trouble creating a production build. In fact, I haven’t succeeded at all yet. For some reason the build process keeps hanging.
    The dev env runs perfectly without any errors or warnings. (browser and quasar play)
    I tried to activate webpack debugging but the build process never passes “Building Quasar App with…”
    The process itself doesn’t seem to crash. At one point I had it running for 2 days but the process just sits there with cpu fluctuating between 15 and 99% and memory between 500 - 1000Mb
    I also started off with a clean project, slowly adding files to it. What happens, is that initially, the build succeeds, but the build time increases exponentially from 1 min to 3 to 9 to 45 etc… to infinity.
    There doesn’t seem to be one file nor a particular project size that’s causing the stall.
    I already had this problem with all previous versions of quasar. I’m on 0.8.3 now.
    I wonder if anyone recognises this problem.
    I do have like 10 mp4 files x (3mb) residing in the statics folder, but these are copied one on one to the build if I understand the docs correctly.

    @rstoenescu Before I start diving into webpack any further, could I perhaps share my rep with you so you can have a look?
    Maybe there’s something obvious I’m missing. Or maybe there’s a workaround to create a production build?
    For now my production build doesn’t have to be super optimised cause I’m in testing phase.


  • Admin

    @Martin Seems like a Webpack issue.

    1. yes, please do share so I can take a look.
    2. what OS are you using?
    3. you could try migrating to the new app template which uses Webpack 2 (quasar init default <proj_name>)…

  • @rstoenescu

    I’m migrating to latest quasar/webpack and it looks promising 🙂
    I’ve done 80% of my files, and build time is around 4 min now!

  • @rstoenescu
    done!! perfect build in under 5 mins now.

    I’m on OSX 10.11.6
    quasar 0.9.1 ( webpack 2.1.0-beta.27 included)

    Next step Cordova ! 🙂

  • Admin

    @Martin great!

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