Handle selection of multiple rows in multiple QDataTables inside for loop

  • I have a list of collapsible’s in a v-for, and a QDataTable component inside with multiple selection as below.

                <q-collapsible :label="req.label" v-for="(req, index) in requisitions" :key="index" class="collapsible-no-padding requisitionContainer" @open="openRequisition('Requisition' + req.reqId)" @close="closeRequisition('Requisition' + req.reqId)" :id='"Requisition" + req.reqId'>
                    <q-item link class='ordersContainer'>

    It looks like this Image

    alt text

    However, since there are more than one table, if a selection is made on any of the tables, it does call the selection method with the selected item, but I have no way to tell which table is it a part of. This is a problem when a selection is removed, for which I need to distinguish between each tables selection event. Is there a way to do it?

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