Getting error when starting with quasar for first time

  • I just updated quasar-cli, and ran the three commands as mentioned in getting started section.

    quasar init default app_name
    cd app_name
    npm install
    quasar dev

    localhost:8080 opens, but unfortunately, it says Cannot GET /

    and console reads

    error  in ./src/App.vue
    Syntax Error: Unexpected token {
    @ ./src/main.js 23:15-31
    @ multi ./build/hot-reload.js ./src/main.js

    I neither opened the editor nor edited any file. So this should be an issue from starter kit. Is this issue only for me ?

    vue 2.3.4
    quasar-framework 0.14.4

  • Admin

    Hi, I see a github ticket opened. Let’s continue the discussion there. Thanks!

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