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  • I am just starting with Vue and Quasar, so please forgive my dumb questions. After installing the quasar-cli and starting a new app, I am still trying to figure out how to integrate the components listed in For example, I want to insert a tabset, so first I tried with quasar new component tabs expecting to find in the templates folder a .vue file with imports of the tabs components and a reference to this file in App.vue. Nothing of that. So, while I see an impressive framework with a lot of good documentation I am still in the dark about the basics…

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    quasar new <first_arg> <second_arg> does not works like that. It just looks at your /templates folder and makes a copy of the file (first argument) with the name you tell it to into your /src (second argument). That’s helpful when you want to create multiple *.vue files which have similarities so you can write a component template and then quickly make copies of it.


  • Feel the same as @mm . Got to the point in ‘Getting Started’ where it has:

    Create *.vue components from ready to use component templates folder (/templates):
    $ quasar new [type] <name of your component with optional subfolder>
    Type can be layout, view (page content), component (generic *.vue component).
    You can even make your own component templates and use CLI to generate them in your App.

    But then no more info and I feel stuck—don’t know how to proceed or get started. Searched this forum, youtube, web & twitter for beginning tutorials, but only found a set of paid videos from Brazil in Portuguese (that doesn’t accept PayPal).
    It would be good if you could add (in docs or here 😉 ) enough info to get to the point of creating a minimal SPA with Quasar components.

  • Hey, here is a tutorial about building a full stack application (a chat) with Quasar and Feathers.

    That should get you going a bit further.

    The plan is to improve documentation in respect to getting developers going and also offer wrappers to get developers more involved prebaked application possibilities, like with using GraphQL or a plain Express system too and more. There will also be tutorials including example apps with these wrappers, like the feathers one I linked above, (which also has a wrapper).

    So, the future is looking promising! 😄


  • Thanks, @s-molinari! I looked at these, did some more research, and added some basic documentation ideas to your Guide section issue.

  • I feel the same… nice components, quick developer response and no good tutorial in docs. Sad.

  • The thing is, Quasar as a framework requires some prior knowledge in using reactive UI libraries. Teaching that in a tutorial would be a massive undertaking, which has actually been done for Vue. If you know Vue and how it works, you’ll get most of how Quasar works.

    So, my suggestion is to search the Internet for Vue tutorials. There are a couple of good ones on Udemy. Once you get one or more of them under your belt, then using Quasar will be relatively easy. Oh, and naturally a good understanding of JavaScript is also needed.


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