resources in built version are loading twice

  • Hi, i am trying to learn quasar and i did a small project, which i built using ‘quasar build’ command and then i took the index.html generated and i pasted in my views folder in codeigniter… the app seems to work and display fine, but when i see the network console all the resources are loaded twice and with resources i mean vendor.js, manifest.js, app.js

    How can i fix that? … i forgot to mention that i’m using an apache server

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    Your apache server should contain only what Quasar builds and stores in the “/dist” folder in your project folder, exactly in the structure there. What modifications have you done? It’s not clear to me. Any repo I can take a look at? Thanks!

  • hi, thanks for answer, i have not done modifications to the structure… i just copied the index.html and paste it in codeigniter’s view folder and rename it to index.php but the files in the dist folder are intact without any change at all and the files in the dist folder are loaded from index.php

    i just copied them in:

    thanks again for taking the time to check

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