Update to the greatest and latest version

  • Hello and thanks for the great framework.

    Just this, how to update quasar to 0.9.1? Actually:

    paolo@tk:fe (master)*$ quasar -V

    I’d at least expect 0.8.2.

    I tried to update quasar-cli also but nothing changed.

    PS: I also wonder why this line Quasar Framework v{{quasarVersion}} renders to Quasar Framework v.

  • Admin

    @pd76 Hi, running quasar -V from the console tells you the version of the Quasar CLI, not the version of Quasar Framework you’re using in a certain project. Since we’re using NPM, you can issue this command from the console: npm view quasar-framework version. It will tell you what you need to know. Cheers!

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