Better SEO

  • Hi to this great community,
    I am really wonder of your framework,
    When I first time visit your site, I thought that it is something normal , like other new frameworks which has not great tools,
    But after few days, I read a review about your framework and wanted to check your examples, and now I am wonder , It’s fantastic !

    But why I assumed that it is not very good in first visit:
    My Tips and Recommends for better SEO and growing developers team ! :

    • Your site Alexa rank is not good enough for 2 years developing, However it is growing
    • Please add a better description in GitHub page (top description), something like: “fast mobile, web, desktop development based on Vue, Javascript, CSS”
    • And finally I think the main page need better design, maybe add some screenshot of great UIs for better attraction
    • Add a link to Components page ( in Home page, So visitors can see your great and clean components and assume it as a great framework


  • I strongly agree with ypur idea. The design of your website is so fantastic and i really want to know different strategies you use for your website.

  • I agree the home page is really weird with the fullscreen stars/space screen. I didn’t even know I could scroll downward until recently. The content under the space stuff should be visible immediately when opening the landing page, because that’s where Quasar highlights are mentioned.

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