File / directory select?

  • I am using quasar with webpack and I want the user to select a file or a directory locally and then save that path to the app settings.

    I can only find the Uploader component, but I don’t want to upload anything, since it already exists on disk.

    Is there an easy way to trigger the file selection component? Maybe with a QBtn?

    I see the <q-input> supports type=“file” but it looks terrible. The button is not styled etc.

  • Figured it out:

        <q-field helper="Path to data store">
          <q-input clearable v-model="settings.data_path" stack-label="Data storage" />
          <input type="file" id="dataPath" v-on:change="setDataPath" ref="fileInput" hidden />
        <q-btn color="primary" v-on:click="selectPath">Set data path</q-btn>

    methods: {
          selectPath () {
            console.log('Selecting path for data store')
          setDataPath (file) {
            this.settings.data_path =[0].path

  • I’m finding this. Thanks a lot. @Zyme

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