q-modals don't leave on Safari iphone 4 & Safari desktop

  • Modals do not want to leave when I tap away (in the background) from the q-modal or when I call functions to close the modal like $refs.basicModal.close(). It works on iphone 6.

    Is there a solution for this ?

  • q-modal doesn’t leave either on Safari for desktop too.
    When I click away (in the grey background), it doesn’t leave, and of course $refs.basicModal.close() doesn’t leave either.

    Am I alone in this case ?

    Here is some code:

    <q-modal ref="basicModal">
        <q-btn color="primary" @click="$refs.basicModal.close()">
          <q-icon name="close"></q-icon>

    Quasar framework 0.14.7
    Safari for desktop 11.0.1

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