QStepper : How to override built-in transition ?

  • Hey everyone,I’ve been trying Quasar and other UI libs, Quasar seems to be the one that I like the most so far as it is very well built.

    On to my q-question 🙂

    I have a QStepper for which I would like to specify the transition animations, like a simple fade-in fade-out instead of the slide-up and slide-down. I have been looking at this from several angles :

    • No QTransition param seems to exist at the QStepper level …
    • I can’t seem to override QTransition behavior instanciated from QStepper …

    So my question are :

    • Did I miss something ?
    • Could we have a paramater to disable the orivided QTransition ?
    • Or… could we remove the included QTransition in QStepper so we can supply our own ?


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