Can't scroll after clicking button on the side nav

  • I don’t know if this is a bug or an intended behavior. If I click a q-side-link the new page opens and I can scroll normally. But if I click to a button instead of a q-side-link I go to the page but I can’t scroll. This happens only if the sidenav is collapsed. Anybody can reproduce this “glitch”?

      <div class="sidenav" ref="sidenav">
         <!-- Scroll won't work on login page -->
          <q-btn v-else color="primary" class="login-btn" @click="$router.push('/login')">
          <!-- Scroll will work on login page -->
          <q-side-link to="/login" item exact>Login</q-side-link>

  • Anyway I solved changing the button with a q-side-link with button tag in case anyone else have the same issue:

    <q-side-link tag="button" to="/login" class="q-btn q-btn-standard text-white relative-position login-btn bg-primary">Login</q-side-link>

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