q-select placement bad on small screens

  • I have a rather long list of items that when activated on a smaller screen causes the entire selection box to go to the top of the screen, obscuring the field selected. I believe what SHOULD happen is that the select list will scroll (it already does for the part outside the screen) and the wrapper for the entire list (if as in my case it would not fit in the window and leave room for the field title) should be BELOW or ABOVE the field name, not obscure it. Any ideas for how to fix this in CSS or JS with what we have?

    Here is an example of the problem:

  • Pretty please?

  • +1 Also, if possible support for option for fixed height and scrollable area for select options…

  • @rstoenescu ? Any suggestions in this area? Is a fix coming or do we need to do something else?

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