DataTable filtering

  • Hi there,

    I’ve been implementing a few data tables in my app and one common request I get is for the search to take into account or ignore accented characters.

    So for example, if I have a line that says “métal”, our user wants to just type “metal” and would like for it to show up even though the spelling is not identical.

    My problem isn’t in the implementation of that rule but rather if there’s any way to implement a more customized search (fuzzy search for example) in the search bar without having to create a manual filter above the table that would look a bit clunky.

    I guess I could add an invisible column with equivalent data stripped from accents and special characters and search on that but I find this a bit hack-ish. 🙂


  • Admin

    There will be an ability to customize filtering method in DataTable revamp (v0.15)

  • Sweet, thanks! Looking forward to 0.15! 🙂

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