How to change title in quasar-toolbar-title?

  • Basically I’d like to change the title of the screen in the quasar-toolbar-title when user selects an other function from the menu. So I have a menu.vue which contains a drawer, a title and menu options in the drawer. Selecting an option triggers a child route in the router.js which then loads the needed component into a router-view also declared in menu.vue.

    How can I change the title when each of the vue components have loaded?

    I have tried with LocalStorage and now with Events without success. If I have changed the value in the localstorage the variable din’t changed as well so binding was not working as I expected. Then I have tried watching for a change-title event and fire it from the vuew components but now I can’t fire them. Shouldn’t the ready() method be called when the vue component rendered?

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    First of all, we’re using Vue 2, so ‘ready()’ has been replaced by ‘mounted()’. Make sure you check this:

    Then, for communicating between components:
    Long story short: use a store like described in the link or Vuex. Spoiler alert: you’ll need some time to understand how things work.


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