How to integrate Quasar framework into my vue 2 project

  • Hi, I am new to vue and want to use Quasar components like Autocomplete textbox. But I am not getting any proper tutorial or documentation to use components from it. Please help me to find some proper video tutorial or samples for the same.
    It will be great gesture.
    Thanks in Advance.

  • Hi @Mayank , hope i can help you

    • Install quasar-framework ----> npm i --save quasar-framework
    • Install quasar-extras ----> npm i --save quasar-extras

    Where you start your vue ( main.js normaly) add :

    • import Quasar from ‘quasar-framework’
    • import ‘quasar-extras/roboto-font’
    • require(quasar/dist/quasar.mat.css) or require(quasar/dist/quasar.ios.css)

    Now start you Vue whit :

    Quasar.start(() => {
    /* eslint-disable no-new */
      new Vue({
        el: '#q-app', // this ID must exist in your index.html
        render: h => h(App),

  • Hi @leon , Yes your comments are helpful. I am able to deploy the Quasar and use it for my development.
    But when I build this framework for production, Its not having any index file in Dist folder.

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