Webpack 2 starter kit

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    It’s a great pleasure to announce the Webpack 2 setup. Use CLI to generate a project folder:

    $ quasar init default <folder_name>

    Please note that it’s currently in beta although everything should work without issues. Please give it a try and offer some feedback. Thanks!
    Once it’s out of beta (shouldn’t take more than a few days) it will become the main Quasar starter kit.


  • Ohh… another update. Cool…

    Time to update the quasarframework/client-dev Docker container and test the new build script too. 😄

    Although, this brings up something I haven’t thought about. Currently, there is only the “latest” tag as a version for the container. This means users of the container have no way of knowing what version of Quasar it would include. For instance, a user downloading the container now won’t get this new addition.

    Should the addition of Webpack 2 support actually have warranted a version change in Quasar too? If yes, then we can match the image tag of the container with the latest released version of Quasar.


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    @s.molinari Don’t update anything yet. Let it get out of beta first.

  • Amazing 👍

  • I made a simple test and it seems to work correctly.

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    @fsgiudice thx for the feedback. please do let me know if you find any issue.

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