Best Approach To Upload image using <q-uploader>

  • I need to upload an image by using <q-uploader>, but i still have some input field need to be fill in by user, so i plan when user clicked submit button, image and those data will upload to sever together. So i hide the upload button from <q-uploader> and i need upload the image by using that submit button, how to i trigger the <q-uploader> upload event when I click that submit button? Thank in advance!

  • Quite simple:

              :labels = "{add:'Selecionar arquivo',remove:'Remover',upload:'Enviar',failed:'ERRO',uploading:'Enviando'}"      
              :additionalFields = "[
              :hide-upload-button = "true"
              @finish = "upload_ok"
              @fail   = "upload_erro"           
              buttonClass="bg-green-7 radius04 text-white"

    then after some validation you call


  • @edudesouza this helps a lot


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