Is there a way to disable ripple effect?

  • Sometimes we don’t want ripple effects for certain compnents which are by default with ripple. Is there a way to specifically disable ripple effects for a certain QBtn\ QCollasible or so?

  • Admin

    Hi, currently no. Why do you need it disabled?
    FYI: v0.14.4 will trigger ripples only on a successful click/tap - so not triggering it on a swipe or any other touch event. I believe this is actually what you are trying to avoid?

  • Sorry for the delay. Didn’t have Internet connection for the last few days.

    When running a Quasar app on a lower-end mobile device (like a smart phone produced 5 years ago…), ripple effect always causes considerable lag. That’s why I am considering disabling it.

  • On v0.15 You can use no-ripple

    <q-btn color="primary" size="sm" no-ripple> Ripple Disabled </q-btn>

  • A global configuration in combination with a slow device detection will be nice. 😃