Questions about the framework

  • Hello, I have been researching a framework and I have stumbled upon quasar and I have mixed feelings. I love the fact that I could create a website and its mobile apps using the same codebase, because of this I downloaded your android app but got disappointed with its performance and the fact that the components don’t look native at all.

    So I wanted to ask you people:

    • Do you have plans to improve the look and feel of your components?
    • Do you have plans to improve the performance?
      On your page you say that the app will look native and that the framework is fast but those claims are not even near to be true. I have seen that Onsen UI provides near native look and feel plus great performance (but they only support UI for iOS and android, not web)
    • How easy are your components to customize? Can I share a non ios nor material design across web and mobile using your framework?

    Thank you, I hope this critics and questions be taken as constructive because that is my intention.


  • I can’t say much about the css part of your questions, but I can see that Onsen UI uses real WebComponent’s. This simple fact could answer the performance part, as this has fairly good support in modern mobile browsers.

    Quasar uses VueJs as the component layer, and this will have more overhead than on a browser that uses Onsen UI and have support for native WebComponent. But Quasar supports more browsers also in the desktop area (IE11+), and I quess that have a price 🙂

    But again, I am just guessing 🙂

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