q-select using the keyboard instead of mouse clicks?

  • Curious if there is a way for users to navigate the q-select component using just the keyboard instead of mouse clicks? My users need to enter data very quickly and therefore are very keyboard centric. For example, they will tab between the various fields on a form and when they reach the “State” select box will type “f” for Florida or “aaa” for Arizona, then tab to the next field without ever using a mouse. The q-select is very nice and fancy, but I haven’t found a way to mimic the traditional keyboard usage of the html select.

    Any ideas?

  • +1 for this!

  • Agree 100%. In order to be accessible, we need to support “autoopen” for the q-select or at least some kind of “typeahead” to autoselect items when the user types. I don’t see an easy way to enable this. In addition, when I search using the filter, there is no way to arrow down to the actual options. These would be fantastic features.

  • Bumping. This is still needed. I’ve tried capturing @keyup.downArrow (setting Vue.config.keyCodes) and it doesn’t work. Event @keyup.enter (no defined keycodes) didn’t work to call my function. Seems the event is eaten up somewhere.

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