Files to the root on build

  • I have a _redirects file that needs to end up in the root directory when build is run. Maybe I am missing it, but is there a place currently setup in Quasar to allow files to end up in the root? Or should I go ahead and modify the build scripts? …assuming this hurricane Irma doesn’t blow me away tonight 🙂

  • If I add:

    shell.cp(’-n’, ‘_redirects’, targetPath)

    to under where it does the statics it does the trick, but I am curious if anyone else has the need to have 1 or more files end up in the root of dist after a build. This particular file is for use on Netlify so that it will serve up index.html for everything for a single page app. Would it be useful for Quasar to include some other folder, say something like “toroot” that had files that get copied there on build? If I’m just totally missing this workflow, let me know.

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