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  • Hi, so i’ve been using this framework for a bit now and I’m liking it so far. I’m using it with cordova to make apps. However, when I want to create the app for the first time I have to follow these steps:

    Run quasar build
    Run quasar wrap cordova
    Run cd cordova
    Run cordova platform add android
    Run cordova run android

    Whenever I update the app I delete the cordova folder and restart the whole process which takes a bit of time, I was wondering if their is a way to automate these tasks?

    Another slight disadvantage I’m having is when trying to update my app… I delete the cordova folder which deletes 2 important files, my config.xml file which is where i specify preferences, name of the app, description, etc and also deletes my package.json which is where I have all my cordova plugins specified. Any way I can remedy this?

  • You do not need to delete the cordova folder each time you make updates, you only need to set it up once, and make the required updates to your config.xml file etc then you are good.

    You can then just run quasar build once you are ready to test on a device other than a browser, then from within the cordova directory cordova run android

  • Yes! My workflow is (initial wrap runs only once)

    quasar build
    cd cordova
    cordova run android

  • Ahh ok, so running quasar build also updates my cordova project and doesn’t modify the contents of the config.xml and package.json file?

  • I’ve been using this makefile once I have wrapped my app. using “make run” rebuilds and pushes to your android device without changing config.xml.

  • Ok so it turns out quasar build does update my cordova app as well without modifying my 2 files. Thanks to everyone that helped out. And thanks for the Makefile script, I’m suerly gonna check it out and use it! 🙂

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