Radio ripple is slightly covered by div on top

  • When I use the code below (quasar 0.14.2) and watch it in the browser the ‘ripple’ (?!, or ‘selection splash’) when selecting the upper radiobutton is covered at the top by the div of the message which is on top. So the ripple/ splash when I select the radiobutton is not fully round but cutoff a little at the top.

        title: 'Radios',
        message: 'Some random message of some length.',
        form: {
          option: {
            type: 'radio',
            model: 'opt1',
            items: [
              {label: 'This is a label text.', value: 'opt1'},
              {label: 'This is another label text which is consist of some random text', value: 'opt2'}
        buttons: [
            label: 'Ok',
            handler (data) {
              Toast.create('Return:' + JSON.stringify(data))

    Any suggestions how I can solve this?

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