Losing reactivity afetr opening q-modal

  • I have this structure on my template:

        <q-card inline class="card-title" v-for="(item, index) in tblConteudo" :key="index">
          <q-card-title>{{ item.dat_materia }}
          <q-card-separator />      
            <p class="text-faded">{{ item.descricao }}</p>
          <q-card-separator />      
            <p class="text-faded">{{ item.tarefa }}</p>
        <q-modal ref="conteudoModal" content-classes="content-modal">
          <h5>Alterar Conteúdo</h5>
          <q-input v-model="item.descricao" inverted :min-rows="5" float-label="Conteúdo" type="textarea" />
          <q-input v-model="item.tarefa" inverted :min-rows="5" float-label="Tarefas" type="textarea" />
          <q-btn color="primary" @click="gravaConteudo(item)">Salvar</q-btn>

    When I programmatically open modal with an


    All page loses reactivity and QCard’s are not update anymore when tblConteudo changes…

    Does anyone can help?

    Thanks in advance!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Disregard - that was my mistake - solution / problem was elsewhere.

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