[Solved] Quasar and PWA's: Save persistent information in IndexedDB

  • I see that Quasar has added a PWA wrapper.
    I was just wondering about the local storage.
    I’m creating a task list with quasar, and am looking into storing the tasks locally, only syncing upon launching the app if there is an internet connection.

    Then, similar to apple notes, reminders, etc. it would sync/combine the local and online version in case there are changes on either side.

    I’m still trying to figure this out on Cordova as well:
    But I’m not out of it yet. I was wondering about the possibilities of local storage with PWA’s.

    -Luca Ban

  • For storing this persistent kind of information I would not recommend LocalStorage, but instead IndexedDB which is also a standardized storage in HTML5 and should also work with Cordova.

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