[Vue warn]: Invalid prop: type check failed for prop "value". Expected Boolean, Array, got String.

  • When using q-checkbox, I get the above error when outputting the value from the db, which will be a string of 0 or 1. How can I change this so I don’t get the above error?

    Here is my code that results in the error above, it is part of a loop that prints values from my array:

    <tr v-if="post.meta_key === 'ma_share'"><td class="labels">SHARING:</td><td class="values">
    />  </td><td></td></tr>

    If I use the standard vue checkbox, it works without any error:

    <tr v-if="post.meta_key === 'ma_share'"><td class="labels">SHARING:</td><td class="values"><input
    > </td><td></td></tr>

  • FYI I have tried it both with and without the v-bind attributes…

  • Admin

    There are no true-value and false-value props. Model needs to be a Boolean OR an Array of Strings (current ‘selected’ values) along with val prop. You could transform the data you get from server to be a Boolean.

    What you want with the two new props would be a new request.

  • my data is a 0 or a 1, and I have now changed my API to not quote the numbers, but I am still getting an error. Are you saying I can’t have a 0 or 1, I have to send “true” or “false”?

  • I have tried things like this, but they don’t work:


  • Ok, I have my API returning “true” and “false” and it STILL doesn’t work. It is back to the same error. Any suggestions?

  • I ended up having to rewrite my API (in php) to deal with 1 and 0 in the db to make it work for this component. In case anyone is wondering, here is what it looked like:

    $myarrayeverythingbutbooleans = firstsql
    $justbooleans = booleansonlysql
    $jbtotalarray = array();
    foreach ($justbooleans as $jbpush) {
    if (($jbpush['meta_value']=="1")) {
    $jbpush['meta_value'] = true;
    } else {
    $jbpush['meta_value'] = false;
    $jbtotalarray[] =  $jbpush;
    $mergedwithtrue = array_merge($myarrayeverythingbutbooleans,$jbtotalarray);
    return $mergedwithtrue;

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