How to update data-table with new data after fetching from REST API?

  • Hi,
    I’m new to Quasar and Vue and also have limited experience with js in general. I am having trouble getting a data-table to update with new data. I am able to get the table to populate by hardcoding a dummy array, however when I fetch new data from a REST API and put in the my data array variable the table does not update with the new data. Ideally the table would start out empty and then get populated with data fetch from the API.
    I have spend about one day looking through all the Quasar docs and well as Vue.js docs, but can’t find any solution. I am possibly missing something obvious.

  • I got it working now. Not entirely sure what the issue was, but I’m happy that it works now.

  • @rrigby Could you please share your solution? New to quasar and vuejs too, so your code would help me… many thanks in advance and BR!

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