Google maps API : Autocomplete

  • Hi there !

    Has anyone managed to make the GoogleMap Autocomplete API working with new <q-input> or <q-autocomplete> components ? Is there any demo anywhere about this 🙂 ?
    Used vue-gmaps before ( on input, but it’s not working anymore on <q-input>.

    Thank you

  • What part isn’t working for you?
    Try to use AutocompleteService as it’s not bound to any UI component and you can trigger it yourself. 🙂

  • Hmm I’ll check that one didn’t noticed it first !

    Thank you

  • Ok managed to make it works on input :
    mounted () {
    let self = this
    let address_input = this.$refs.address_input.$refs.input
    let address_input_autocomplete = new google.maps.places.Autocomplete(address_input)
    address_input_autocomplete.addListener(‘place_changed’, function () {
    let place = address_input_autocomplete.getPlace()

    On console.log I’ve the result when a user select a place, just have to bind it to a data value now :).

    Thank you @a47ae for your suggestion !