Starting a new project

  • Hi all.

    I’m new to quasar and would like to create a new little app using it.

    I know there’s an alpha (or beta?) version for the port to Vue 3 in the works: would you recommend using it and, if so, is there a guide explaining how should I setup the project from scratch using the “vue3-work” branch?



  • Hi Alessandro
    do you really need any new feature of vue3?
    if don’t, i recommend you to start with current stable version, then, if needed, migration always used to be very well documented.
    Good luck!

  • Hi and thanks for taking time to reply.

    Indeed I don’t NEED vue3, but I thought it would be a good idea starting with it to avoid potential problems later on.

    I gather from your answer no major issues are expected migrating from the current stable version to the future vue3 implementation (especially for small projects like mine): therefore I’ll follow your advice and stick with the current stable release.

    Thanks again for your help.


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