quasar-dev localhost for capacitor apps

  • Currently, the quasar-dev library overtly translates the host designation of “localhost” to the an IP address (invoking getExternalIP() and displaying “⚠️ Detected external IP xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx and using it” on startup). I’m not entirely sure what the thought process is behind the business logic as “localhost”, “”, “”, and “::1” are all translated to IP address.

    The problem is, as best I can tell, it isn’t possible to run a Capacitor app in dev mode using a dynamically allocated IP when invoking Google OAuth. Google OAuth requires whitelisting a source to allow the auth call to function. Failure to do so induces the error “Not a valid origin for the client: http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:yyyy has not been whitelisted for client ID zzz.apps.googleusercontent.com. Please go to https://console.developers.google.com/ and whitelist this origin for your project’s client ID.” IPs are not acceptable in the whitelist section and a variety of workarounds do not appear to help. However, forcing the host to “localhost” without translating to an IP address and adding “http://localhost” to the Google OAuth whitelist works perfectly. Unfortunately, this required a hack of the quasar-dev codebase on my part.

    What I’m suggesting is that there should be a simple way to force Capacitor to use “localhost”.


  • @aitcheyejay said in quasar-dev localhost for capacitor apps:

    Unfortunately, this required a hack of the quasar-dev codebase on my part.

    could you share this ‘hack’?

  • I think the IP is required for hot loading. However, I do think there’s a need to be able to assume a domain or localhost to make a Google OAuth whitelist work. Tried a bunch of approaches without any luck.

    Perhaps this is just a need to work out Google OAuth whitelisting in dev mode.

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