Custom Electron Version

  • Hi guys,

    Is it possible to use a different Electron version from what is ‘pre-configured’ on Quasar?

    When I run quasar mode add electron, it downloads electron version ^9.0.0 (I’m on Mac).
    Is it possible to use a custom version such as v11.0.0 or so?

    I am on Node v12.18.3. Will there be any cons as far as Quasar framework is concerned?


  • @keechan We are using electron v11 at Coloban, no problems noticed 🙂

    You can try this command below?

    npm i electron@latest

    ** I would suggest to do a backup for the project folder just in case;
    ** Pay attention to the packager you use (electron-builder or electron-packager) if it is working fine with the latest version of electron.

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