Left Plesk for something great regarding hosting

  • Fist of, i’m not in anyway associated with this service i just find it great and want to share my thoughts.

    Only solution for me that didn’t force me to manage node sites in terminal was Plesk. Plesk is a complete hosting system like cPanel so i only used a fraction of Plesk to host my node sites.

    Also the workflow were pretty complicated in Plesk:

    1. commit new code from VSCode
    2. pull branch in Plesk
    3. run npm install in Plesk
    4. run build command in Plesk
    5. restart the node app in Plesk

    And if something crashed the site i had to rush to find the problem in VSCode and do it all over again.

    Cleavr works similar to Laravel Forge with continues deployment to a versioning system that with one click can be rolled back if site crashes.

    Further more is the workflow so nice i only have to commit new code from VSCode and cleavr.io trigger GitHubs action workflow that does the actual build on the GitHub server saving me any performance lacking during the build then copies build into a new release folder, updating all symliks and activate the new deployment.

    Really easy and flexible. Also it uses PM2 to keep it up and running.

    Also Plesk had to be installed on one VPS and host all sites otherwise i have to pay for a new license and run it on another VPS.

    Cleavr.io allows me to manage many servers with sites on isolated VPS.

    And everything i had to pay for in Plesk like remote backup addon, failban security addon, upmonitor addon Cleaver offers out of the box.

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