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  • Hi, my name is Milan, this is my first post so hello to everyone here!
    I’m deciding which framework to use for next project and decided 99.9% that it will be Vue, so I’m looking for best UI library out there and Quasar looks like the most mature. So, first of all, congrats to creator and all contributors for your work!
    My requirements are:

    • write once, deploy anywhere (website, phone app)
    • deploy also as static website (netlify, etc.)

    As far as I can see Nuxt is the only static site builder for vue, so my question is this:

    • is it possible to build site with Vue, use Quasar for theming and deploy with Nuxt as static website?

    And one more question… As far as I can see, Quasar offer platform related theming, which is great for my project, but I don’t know whether it relates only to visibility or it is possible to create platform related positioning?

    Thanks in advance for any reply!

  • Hey, @kosirm and welcome to our forum. 🙂

    So to your requirements:

    • With Quasar it is possible to wrap your Vue.js application using Cordova and Electron.
      This allows you to deploy as a iOS or Android App and also as a Windows, Mac, Linux desktop App.

    • Deployment should be very easy even to things like netlify, I once wrote a little post here to describe how to do this

    • I think you misunderstood the Nuxt project. At first, each Vue.js project only consists of static files, so no need to have a static site builder. You just run the build command from Quasar to minify assets and transpile JavaScript and you will be presented with a single folder which is your whole application. This folder can be put on any webserver and you are good to go. Nuxt, on the other hand, simplifies Server Side Rendering which is a term for JAvaScript apps, that are “hydrated” on the server side, so the data will be fetched server side and not client side. This can under some circumstances speed up you app loading by quite a bit. Quasar currently is also working on a Server Side Rendering template.

    • The themes are completely independent style sheets. So you can change the look and position of components. Keep in mind that the platform Quasar is running under and the selected theme is two independent things. You could have your app running under iOS, but apply the Material Design theme.

    I hope this answers all your questions.

  • @a47ae Thanks for your answer, I really didn’t know that vue project is static, I thought that it needs some kind of server (node, etc) to serve pages. That’s even better, because for my project server side rendering is not required, so goodby Nuxt for now 🙂
    (I just don’t understand why on staticgen.com is Nuxt listed as only vue-based static site generator)
    Thanks for the link, so it looks really simple, just deploy to folder and upload to somewhere… looks too good to be true…
    About the style, I do understand all, it was stupid question anyway. Thanks again for your time.

  • @kosirm Glad that I could help you on this. 🙂
    I think the entry is a bit misleading because normally you don’t need static site builder for Vue.js, I guess that’s why there are none listed. But with Nuxt you have a node server which does as the name implies the server side rendering.

    It really is that simple, just try it for yourself, set up a new Quasar project, run the build command and throw that dist folder somewhere on a webserver and it should work right away. 😃

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