Background für splash screens in Icon Genie

  • Hello Quasarians,

    I like the Icon Genie ! It is great, that I don’t have to think about, what file types and what sizes I have to have for a web application (pwa included). (Latest Version of icon genie cli is installed.)

    The background picture for splash screens is something I don’t understand. Splash screens have diverent sizes (width and height). I can give only one single background picture to icon genie. I get splash screens with my background picture but the picture is not scaled to the size of the splash screen. The picture ist placed centered in the splash screen.

    What I have looked for is: my background picture lined up at the lower edge of the splash screen and scaled to the width of the splash screen. The rest of the splash screen filled with background color and if the background icon ratio is >0 the centered icon placed upon.

    In general it would be great, if icon genie gets some more config params for the splash screens, perhaps these:

    background-align: center | left | right | bottom | top
    background-scale: width | height | both

    It would be great, if someone will have a look on that.

    Thank you.

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