quasar configured for scss, error on build

  • Hi Everyone,

    I’m working for a company, and we are using quasar. I downloaded the latest version on quasar and I’m getting the following errors on the build

    Schermata 2021-01-08 alle 15.38.27.png

    Schermata 2021-01-08 alle 15.39.49.png

    the error comes out from a build on a docker environment (node:12.14.1)
    what seems strange to me is that the complain is about the app.styl and the app.scss.

    Then after different attempts, I found a solution on the extendWebpack.

    // https://quasar.dev/quasar-cli/handling-webpack
          extendWebpack (cfg) {
              enforce: 'pre',
              test: /\.(js|vue)$/,
              loader: 'eslint-loader',
              exclude: /node_modules/
              test: /\.scss$/,
              loader: 'sass-loader',
              exclude: /node_modules/

    I have only a question: if we not specify a sass-loader (9.0.2) on the package.json, the build will fail?

    Thanks a lot

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