Chips count

  • Hello ,

    I’m wondering if it is possible to set a count inside a chip. Something like a tag that shows it’s count . I think it should not be hard because the close button of the chip already have the perfect shape, so it should be just a matter of adapting it.

    I also want to suggest to make the detail configurable. Currently you can only set it an icon on the left side, while for my case a number of the right side fits better .


  • Can you use a QChip with some styling inside your chip? e.g.

    <q-chip color=“primary”> Text with some number on the end <q-chip color=“white” class=“text-black” style=“height: 70%; margin-left: 5px; margin-right: -6px;”>10</q-chip></q-chip>

  • Hello. Nesting chips is what I have tried. After some styling I finally get something acceptable. However I feel that it should be an easier task taking in account that the feature already exists for the close button

  • Admin

    See “Chip with detail”.

  • @rstoenescu if you mean the detail property that does not fit my needs. according the documentation it only can be an icon or a remote image

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