Selectively build single component

  • Hi.

    I came to Quasar with the perspective of someone incrementing an existing multi-page web site with a few Vue Components throughout the site. This might be a use case more common than we think, and a chance to attract new developers to Quasar. Like the developer initially finds in Quasar a solution to add some dynamic sections to his traditional web site, get’s to know the framework, and in further projects uses it full fledged for a SPA.

    In the context of adding single Quasar Components to a web page, it would be really helpful to have a build script to build just a selection of the components (generate the JS, CSS complete with selected theme). It would be important as this type of developer is no expert in SPA and JS build systems, so making it easy to build just a selection of the components, instead of a whole App would help adoption.

    Do you share my opinion that this would be valuable for Quasar?

  • Admin

    This would be a good idea. There’s a lot to talk about some technical difficulties that would affect performance (won’t go into details), but I think this is an idea for future development.

  • Something like the Vue Web Components would be really helpful and popular. +1

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