Sendall Messager: for bulk sending of personalised messages over social networks

  • Quasarians young and old, my new Quasar app, Sendall Messager, has just been released!

    tl;dr? Visit to download Sendall Messager now!

    It’s a mass personalised message sending app for social networks! Currently, it supports LinkedIn and Twitter.

    Tired of sending messages to your contacts one by one in LinkedIn and Twitter?

    Well, get my app and send multiple direct messages at the same time across both social networks!

    It can automatically insert the name of the recipient, among other things, for you, to give a personalised touch to your messages.

    It can be used for Christmas greetings, New Year greetings, company announcements and more.

    Warning: do NOT abuse it to spam others, as it may result in the banning of your LinkedIn or Twitter account. Do not send to too many people at once and make sure you send messages only to people who agree to receive your messages.

    That said, I’m sure you’ll enjoy giving it a try!

    Hurry, visit to download Sendall Messager now!

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  • Got my first 5-star review from Bineta Dieme at!

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