Incorrect initial page load

  • I’m developing an Electron application. It has a folder structure like:

    • Auth
      – Layout
      – Login
    • App
      – Dashboard
      ------- Layout
      – Settings
      ------- Layout

    From /Auth/Login it will go to /App/Settings but the initial page load shows the cards incorrectly:

    incorrect page load

    When I use ctrl + R (page reload) the page looks like:

    correct page load

    The second is exactly how I wish it looks but for some reason a reload is needed every time. Why is that happening?

    edit direct links since image appears not to work:

  • It seems like some styles are not correctly loaded. Do you overwrite some CSS globally (e.g. in a component without scoped)? That would explain this behavior.

  • Ah @a47ae that was it! Thanks very much!

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