Q-slider delay before reacting to model change

  • I am using q-slider widgets as a fader to control the volume of a devices remotely over a websocket.

    When dragging the slider with the mouse, the behavior works great and the update lag is imperceptible.

    I recently updated my app so that I can use WebMIDI and use physical faders to update the model of the q-sliders using MIDI controls.

    In this configuration, when a MIDI control is changed, both the label and the watch(), which triggers the websocket both react very quickly, with imperceptible lag.

    However, the visual position of the sliders themselves are slow to react and appear to have some kind of easing behavior that makes them react in a delayed way. I notice the q-slider demo in the documentation appears to behave the same way when two sliders are bound to the same model. When one slider is moved, the other slider is delayed in its reaction.

    Is there a way to control the delay in animating the position of the slider itself in order to make them respond with less delay when model changes occur?

  • @jkao That is more the animation rather than the delay on the second slider, but if you really need the delay in the model change, you can try to use debounce?


    Haven’t checked that, but feels doable with debounce 🙂

  • Actually, I’m looking for a way to reduce the animation delay so that the q-slider more quickly represents the position of the physical MIDI fader.

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