Prevent transparent status bar in ios build?

  • I am new to quasar and cordova, but I managed to get my app built and running on my device. Unfortunately, the status bar is transparent and when I scroll my app I see everything behind it like so:


    I have tried numerous settings and cordova plugins, to no avail. Anyone have any tips so that my status bar background has a color (preferably matching my q-layout q-toolbar color)? Thanks!

  • Well, I found a way around this. For some reason /cordova/platforms/ios/ios.json had prefs in it that were overriding the prefs I set in config.xml. Changing them in ios.json and rebuilding fixed it for me. Hope this helps someone else… (this is AFTER adding your cordova plugin to deal with that cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-statusbar btw)

  • Thanks, but if you checkout that link you will see that it is web only. I need to use a cordova plugin (as mentioned above) to make this work on the iphone.

  • Oh my bad, I skipped over the Cordova part. 😃

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