load route outside layout?

  • In my main app, I have a q-layout component (that sets up the main window, left hand pane, etc) and inside of that I have my <router-view />. All of this works great for the links inside my left hand pane except for one: LOGOUT. That link logs the user out and forwards them to my Login.vue page, which I would like to take over the whole screen (rather than showing up in the right hand pane as it does now) but I am having some difficulty figuring out how to do this since my links are all in router.js and my router view is inside the q-layout. Any pointers? Thanks!

  • How does your router.js look like?
    Make sure that your login route is not a child of your base component but a top level node in your hierarchy, then it shouldn’t use your <router-view> but instead render the whole page.

  • Thanks, that led me to a better understanding of child routes, and I now have it working.

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