How not to use global CSS style from Quasar, only in components

  • Is it possible to turn off global CSS styles that the Quasar CSS file uses and only use styles for when a component is used? For example, I don’t want Quasar to change any h1 or p tags globally, only inside a Quasar component when I use one?

    I am using the Quasar UMD/ CDN install but cannot find an option or configuration for what I am trying to do? Ideally I don’t want to have to change everything manually by overriding styles.

    Thanks, Luke

  • @embluk You can try to use parent for offsetting that

    .parent-class {
    all: initial;
    .parrent-class h1, .parrent-class h2, .parrent-class .etc {
    all: unset;

    Then, just wrap <h1>, <h2>, etc. with <div class=“parent-class”></div>

    Hope that works

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