[How to] load all files in a directory as views

  • Hello

    This script will allow you to load all files in a directory as views. This allows you to avoid registering all views manually, rather you configure once then simply start adding pages!

    // router.js
    // returns all vue files in directory 'page'
    const pages = require.context('./components/page', true, /^\.\/.*\.vue$/)
      .filter(page => page.split('/').length >= 2)
      .map(page => page.slice(2).slice(0, -4))
    // Standard quasar load function. Only load view once needed
    function load (component) {
      // '@' is aliased to src/components
      return () => System.import(`@/${component}.vue`)
    // page loading function 
    function loadPage (page) {
      return {
        path: `/${page}`,
        component: load(`page/${page}`)
    // Add first route with layout
    let routes = [
        path: '/',
        component: load('Layout'),
        children: []
    // Add all other pages
    pages.forEach(page => {
    // Standard quasar default will redirect to '/404' route
    // Always leave this last one
    routes.push({ path: '*', redirect: '/404' }) // Not found

    You are all set! With this any .vue file you add in src/components/page/ will be added as a view.

    Of course this has limitations. Your files names must not have spaces. If anyone is interested I could show you how to extract a title for your page from the filename.

    Have a nice day!

  • Hello @benoitranque,
    The ‘@’ doesn’t compile for my Quasar 0.13 setup, I replaced with ‘components’
    This is great!
    Thank you

  • Admin

    @bruce Thought I should drop this note: @ is a custom webpack alias in the v0.14 template which points to ‘components’.

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