Tree filter does not filter certain items

  • I am using the Tree component with the filter enabled. Once I start typing in the filter, the items in the tree get filtered as I type, however 1 specific item never gets filtered.

    Working Example is here

    Open the codepen and start typing in the filter textbox, e.g.

    • set (pulls up the item containing text setup),
    • another one, type - hie (pulls up the item containing text hierarchy).

    Likewise it works for all items except 1 - user. Now start typing user - nothing gets filtered though there is an item containing text “user” if you see the array list.

    All array items are of the same type, nothing fancy. What am I missing here? Or is this a bug?

  • @Amod

    Nothing gets filtered when you type user because ALL your leafs contain the substring user inside s_username (narchar(255)).

  • Thank you ! My bad

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