Pass data from nested component up and down

  • Hello, I use components and pass a some props to it. To not repeat all the time I close it in component. Now I want to pass data from this component up. I achieve this using watch and model.
    On every cModel change (watch Fn) i emmit event and listen in parent. Is this proper solution in implementing or should i do it other way ?

          label="Multi with toggle"
          :menu-offset="[0, 10]"
            model.length ? 'Selected: ' + model.length : 'Select'
            v-slot:option="{ itemProps, itemEvents, opt, selected, toggleOption }"
            <q-item v-bind="itemProps" v-on="itemEvents">
              <q-item-section side>
                <q-checkbox :value="selected" @input="toggleOption(opt)" />
                <q-item-label v-html="opt.label"></q-item-label>
    export default {
      name: "selectComponent",
      props: ["model", "stringOptions"],
      data() {
        return {
          cModel: this.model,
          cOptions: [],
          cStringOptions: this.stringOptions,
      watch: {
        cModel: function (newValue, oldValue) {
          this.$emit("modelChanged", newValue);
      methods: {
        filterFn(val, update) {
          if (val === "") {
            update(() => {
              this.cOptions = this.cStringOptions;
          update(() => {
            const needle = val.toLowerCase();
            this.cOptions = this.stringOptions.filter((v) => {
              return v.label.toLowerCase().includes(needle);

  • @felek props down, events up is a staple communication pattern in Vue.

  • So this is proper of implementation. Thx.

  • @felek it depends. If you don’t really care about event itself and only need to update same var you could use .sync modifier
    But yeah you should still watch for value change inside component and then emit it.

  • Nice, i use watch and emit. Thx.

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